Important Facts About Alt Text

Alt Text is an important ranking factor for SEO. When an image is not loaded on the website, Alt text appears instead of the image. This is an HTML tag. Technically, this is called Alt Attribute.

7 Important Facts About Alt Text:-

1. All images on the website should be given Alt Text—even the image for the design or the image for the background. Alt text should also be given for the icon. You leave Alt Text=” ” blank. Then pay.

2. Alt Text should be less than 125 characters. One hundred twenty-five characters are broken on many platforms. For which it remains incomplete.

3. Google uses the first 16 words of your alt text for web searches. So, care should be taken to keep the essential wards within the first 16 wards. Google used the first fifty words for image searches. So if your Alt Text is more than 125 characters or 16 words, you can go. But remember that the essential texts are kept within 125 characters or 16 words, and the rest are required for image search.

4. Not adding the image, i.e., style attribute of what it is to the Alt Text. Alt Text is for images only. No video or text.

5. Alt Text is used to describe the image adequately. So, forcing your keywords into it is unnecessary.

6. Alt Text cannot be explained with any text already on the page. Alt Text is a part of the main text of the image in the search engine or Google. The Alt Text with the image is part of the main page. If you paste the Alt Text of any image on the page, you show the text twice in the search engine or Google. But it will decrease your site’s indexing.

7. If you put any text inside a graphic image and use it as the Alt Text of that image, it will not be correct. If you don’t know the valid alt text, it’s best to leave it blank.

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